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Clinical Diagnosis in Plastic Surgery by Dr. David Tauber

DeLuca Plastic Surgery would like to congratulate Dr. David Tauber on the publishing of the book, Clinical Diagnosis in Plastic Surgery.

Clinical Diagnosis in Plastic Surgery by David Tauber, MD

Clinical Diagnosis in Plastic Surgery systematically presents a collection of entities, syndromes, and diseases that are diagnosed and treated by plastic surgeons, hand surgeons, otolaryngologists, oral surgeons, and dermatologists.

The goal is to document an extensive array of signs and visual clues that are critical to the diagnostic process, thereby enhancing the clinician’s ability to identify relevant diagnostic features and make correct diagnoses. Skill in recognizing deformities and disease processes by observation is of vital importance in plastic surgery, which is very much a visual surgical specialty. In drawing together key diagnostic signs, this book will spare readers the onerous task of searching through endless resources, books, and websites.

A helpful appendix details the various classification systems used in the book with the aid of appropriate diagrams. Clinical Diagnosis in Plastic Surgery is intended for students, residents, practicing physicians, and surgeons in all of the affiliated fields of plastic surgery. (more…)

The New Team in Town

In sports there is an old adage that in order to win make sure you pick the best player(s) available. This holds doubly true when setting up a new medical office. Although I have been practicing plastic surgery in Albany, NY for 25 years, I had no concept on what it takes to run an efficient and successful operation. Susan, our practice manager has been invaluable in this regard. She handles the many day to day functions, understands the complexity of insurance, sets the game plan and she keeps the team running smoothly. I may be the Owner but she is most certainly the Head Coach.

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