Transgender Top Surgery

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DeLuca Plastic Surgery is proud to offer the most advanced techniques in FTM/NB and MTF top surgery. Also called masculinizing or feminizing chest surgery, top surgery is not a uniform procedure in that it differs for each individual patient. 

Why Transgender Top Surgery?

Whether because of gender dysphoria or myriad other reasons, patients may decide top surgery is the best course of action. Typically patients have been transitioning for some time, have completed counseling, and have been on hormone therapy to aid in the transition. Top surgery helps complete the process of transitioning – altering the chest to reflect the gender patients identify with. 

What is FTM/NB Top Surgery?

The procedure involves removing breast tissue and skin in an effort to flatten the breast. The nipples and areola are resized and moved to achieve a masculine or non-binary looking chest. The specific surgery is influenced by the starting size of the breast and patient goals. Typical scars are across the chest and around the areola. For patients with smaller breasts, the surgical scar can sometimes be limited to just around the areola. The most ideal result and the best contour is achieved in patients with a BMI < 30 that have small breasts that have been deflated through hormone use and weight loss.

What is MTF Top Surgery?

The surgery adds volume to the breast using similar techniques to breast augmentation. Although most patients will require breast implants to reach their goals, fat grafting is also an option to achieve an increase in volume. Scars are typically around the areola or in the fold under the breast.

What to Expect Post-Procedure

FTM/NB patients will have their chest a compression wrap for about two weeks post-procedure. MTF patients will be in a bra with tapes on the skin that lock the implant in place. Patients will need to avoid strenuous activity like lifting and exercise for several weeks after either procedure. 

Get more details on the management of swelling and scars in blog post: Post-Operative Care After Plastic Surgery.

Is Transgender Top Surgery Right For You?

If you’ve been considering FTM/NB or MTF top surgery, schedule a consultation with DeLuca Plastic Surgery. We’ll go over the risks, benefits, and discuss whether or not you could be an ideal candidate for transgender top surgery.

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