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For smoother, tighter contours of the upper arm, patients may consider a procedure known as brachioplasty, or an arm lift. This procedure removes excess skin and fat along the underside of the arm, as well as the space between the armpit and elbow. At our facility, we work to re-contour the arm and to reveal smoother skin for a more toned appearance.

Why it’s Important to Select an Experienced Plastic Surgeon for Your Arm Lift

Albany, NY patients should understand the importance of working with a trained professional known for an artistic eye and precision. As an aesthetic surgeons, Dr. DeLuca and Dr. Tauber have worked with thousands of patients, helping men and women achieve the look they want. Our office works to help patients work toward the most natural appearance, and strives to minimize scarring. Some reasons you should choose DeLuca Plastic Surgery:

  • Technical mastery of body lift surgery and customized planning helps provide patients with excellent results.
  • A conservative, non-aggressive approach to help avoid complications and expedite the recovery process.
  • Our office is available to patients 24/7, before and after surgery.

What to Expect During Your Surgery

Before surgery, you may take medications to relax. Depending on your health and risk profile, sedation or general anesthesia will be used for the duration of the surgery. Incisions will be made along the inside or back of the arm. These incisions will provide sufficient access for the removal of excess fat using liposuction techniques. Depending on how much skin will be removed, there may be minimal or extensive incisions. Sutures are typically taken out after one or two weeks.

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Cost & Recovery Time

With this type of body lift surgery, it usually takes between two to three hours to complete both arms. It is recommended that you take two to three days of bed rest immediately following the procedure. Patients should not over extend their arms until sutures are removed, so help is necessary for the first couple of weeks.

Because every surgical plan is different, costs vary from patient to patient.Financing plans are available should you choose to finance your surgery.

The Importance of Post-Operative Care

At DeLuca Plastic Surgery, post-procedure patient care is an important part of how we ensure the best possible results. When you choose to work with our office, your relationship with Dr. DeLuca extends beyond the surgery. You will owe no patient fees for this extended service. When it comes to accommodating care after an arm lift, Albany, NY patients can count on Dr. DeLuca. We are available to recovering patients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by phone or e-mail. Contact us today to learn more.

Check out Dr. Tauber’s post-operative recommendations

I previously weighed 300 pounds and after losing 140 lbs my arms were left with “bat wings”. These were depressing and I could not wear any short sleeved shirts because the skin would hang out from under the sleeve. I was very self conscious of these. When I met with Dr. DeLuca I immediately felt comfortable with him. He was professional and listened with COMPASSION to my concerns. I felt like I had known him for a long time! He explained everything about the surgery in detail and gave me plenty of time to ask questions. I was NEVER pressured into anything.

My surgery was uneventful (complication-free). During my recovery I called with a question and my phone call was returned promptly! The office staff is professional and friendly.

My arms look absolutely beautiful! Dr. DeLuca has a special gift… most people don’t even notice the scars and my tattoos are perfectly placed in the center of both my arms! I am BEYOND happy with the outcome… he far exceeded my expectations!

As an RN- I would recommend Dr. DeLuca by far to anyone. I will be back to have my belly procedure this fall!*


– Lucy S. / Arm Lift
Upstate, NY
August 13, 2012
5 / 5

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*Disclaimer: The individuals featured in the above testimonials are all actual patients of DeLuca Plastic Surgery. Please note that outcomes from plastic surgery procedures may vary and the experiences shared in the testimonials are specific to that particular patient and may not be representative of the experience of others.

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