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If you are looking to enhance your breasts, consider the cutting-edge tack-first breast augmentation technique for a breast lift with implants offered by Dr. Tauber and Dr. Yan. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, performing a mastopexy and enlargement together is just as safe as performing the two procedures separately

Designed to save time and improve accuracy, this technique is truly tailored to achieving the look and feel you desire. With more than 300,000 women getting breast surgery each year, it’s important to be informed of the various techniques to decide which is right for you.

What is the “Tack-First” Technique?

The tack-first technique is akin to any artist drawing a light guideline before he or she starts to paint. This guideline gives Dr. Tauber and Dr. Yan a spatial reference point to step back and examine his work before ever picking up a scalpel.

By tailor-tacking where incisions need to be made, Dr. Tauber and Dr. Yan have reference points to deliver the best outcome possible. The tacks pull in or tighten the skin and tissue around the implant. The patient will be placed in the upright position, so the breasts hang naturally. Dr. Tauber and Dr. Yan can then examine asymmetries and adjust the tacking, which marks out the exact areas needed for the incision.

Benefits of the Tack-First Technique

Because the tacking allows your breast to settle and fall the way it naturally would, this breast lift with implants procedure indicates where and how to make incisions to achieve a natural-looking augmentation. Thus, the extent of the needed excision is obvious.

Guesswork is also eliminated with tack-first breast augmentation because the tacking can show how the skin will drape around the breast after the procedure is completed. It also makes clear how much breast tissue should be removed to lift the breasts into their desired positions.

Perhaps, however, the greatest benefit from this technique is the fact that it allows Dr. Tauber and Dr. Yan to see and shape what each breast will look like after being lifted and augmented, before making a single excision.

Additional benefits of the tack-first breast lift and augmentation technique include:

  • It greatly reduces the possibility of removing too much or too little skin during the trimming process
  • It saves time in the operating room
  • It produces a strong lower pole (along the vertical incisions of each breast) and thus, a long-lasting result
Breast Lift Incisions: Peri-Areolar, Lollipop, and Inverted "T"
Breast Lift Incisions: Peri-Areolar, Lollipop, and Inverted “T”

Differences Between the Tack-First Technique and Traditional Augmentation Mastopexy Methods

When mastopexies first emerged as a procedure, doctors used the Wise Pattern, a very formulaic procedure that allowed little flexibility or surgeon’s expertise to tweak and improve. The entire process was about reduction and doctors measured everything very precisely. They would take measurements of the desired breast size, incision points, and more. But then implants were being added to breast lifts and the entire formula crumbled. It was nearly impossible to perform an adequate job using the Wise Pattern technique.

When the implants are inserted first, the Wise Pattern can’t be used for measurement. Using this method and inserting the implant first can result in a situation where the desired size does not match what the breast cavity will allow. Sometimes, too much skin is trimmed away during the initial mastopexy procedure, leaving breasts that are too tight or too loose to accommodate the implant size needed to achieve your ultimate goal.

This is why tailor-tacking first is so ideal – it allows Dr. Tauber and Dr. Yan to modify their incision plan before making a single incision. If the breast looks too tight, you simply take a tack out, loosen up the skin then re-apply the tack.

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Importance of Finding the Right Plastic Surgeon

Any breast lift with implants procedure requires complex medical expertise, so it’s important to have a surgeon you can trust. Major changes to your body require major confidence in your doctor. You need someone with experience and medical training that has helped countless others.

The surgeons at DeLuca Plastic Surgery have been in practice for decades, performed more than 2,000 breast surgeries, and spent over 15 years performing the tack-first breast lift and augmentation technique. Dr. Tauber and Dr. Yan have the experience, skill, and know-how to make your aesthetic goals a reality.

Tack-First Breast Lift Augmentation Cost

Because the tack-first procedure is performed in a single surgery, the cost is significantly less than the traditional, two-surgery approach to simultaneous augmentation mastopexy surgery. For most patients, the price of a breast lift with implant ranges between $8,000-$9,500 and includes all fees (surgeons, surgery center, anesthesiologist, implant, etc.). For those interested, DeLuca Plastic Surgery offers several financing and payment options.

The Importance of 24/7 Postoperative Care

Postoperative care is one of the most important steps to recover from any breast lift with an implants procedure. While the staple-first breast augmentation technique doesn’t require more recovery time than other procedures, it’s important to get the proper care and follow-up needed for a successful operation. Quality attention following surgery can result in faster, more successful healing, which decreases the required downtime. A good doctor will work with you from initial consultation to postoperative care. At DeLuca Plastic Surgery, we are with you every step of the way.

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Before and After Photos

You will see various photos of breast lift augmentation procedures. Feel free to browse through the images so that you may have a photographic idea of what to expect from your breast lift augmentation.

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