Chin Augmentation

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What Is Chin Augmentation

Chin augmentation with a chin implant can help add shape and balance to a soft or underdeveloped chin or jawline. For many of Dr. Tauber and Dr. Yan’s patients, adding shape and size to a “weak” and/or receding chin, also known as microgenia, not only enhances the profile and aesthetic attractiveness of their face but also often leads to a marked increase in confidence and self-esteem.

Are You a Good Candidate for a Chin Implant?

Chin Augmentation Example (Male & Female)

The benefits of a chin augmentation may include:

  • Improve the balance of your profile
  • Correct a “weak” chin
  • Create a stronger and wider chin
  • Add length to a shallow profile
  • Long-lasting solution

In some cases, a weak chin may not be the only contributing factor to facial imbalance. Other facial features like a large or uneven nose or flabby, loose skin in the mid-to-lower face may also be contributing to facial imbalance. In these cases, a chin implant may be combined with a rhinoplasty or a neck lift to further work toward a balanced appearance.

Unlike temporary facial fillers like Juvederm or Voluma, chin implant surgery is designed to be a one-time, long-lasting solution.

Chin Implant Recovery

In terms of recovery time, most patients feel comfortable returning to work and other regular daily activities within five to seven days of surgery. Residual swelling is generally all cleared up within three to four months.

Choosing Your Surgeon

Selecting a board-certified plastic surgeon to perform your chin augmentation surgery is crucial. Though this procedure is considered a relatively easy operation, it is nonetheless quite important to select a qualified surgeon. DeLuca Plastic Surgery has been performing chin implant surgery for 28 years and counting. With an artist’s eye and physician’s understanding of facial aesthetics, our surgeons know how to adjust specific features to achieve optimal symmetry, balance, and proportion. In fact, the surgeons at DeLuca Plastic Surgery have performed over 1,500 facial surgeries. They maintain consistently low complication and correction rates.

Dr. Tauber and Dr. Yan learned chin augmentation surgery while studying at Harvard from one of the foremost experts on facial implants. His advanced techniques ensure accurate placement of the implant and longevity of the result.

The Importance of Postoperative Care

Dr. Tauber and Dr. Yan take pride in the continuing care he provides to every patient. During the weeks and months following your chin augmentation surgery, regular appointments will be scheduled to monitor your recovery and results. Our recovery program and 24/7 availability optimize healing, minimize post-operative complications, and enable you to enjoy your newfound look sooner rather than later.

Get more details on the management of swelling and scars in blog post: Post-Operative Care After Plastic Surgery.

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