The New Team in Town

In sports there is an old adage that in order to win make sure you pick the best player(s) available. This holds doubly true when setting up a new medical office. Although I have been practicing plastic surgery in Albany, NY for 25 years, I had no concept on what it takes to run an efficient and successful operation. Susan, our practice manager has been invaluable in this regard. She handles the many day to day functions, understands the complexity of insurance, sets the game plan and she keeps the team running smoothly. I may be the Owner but she is most certainly the Head Coach.

Debbie, who has years of experience handling front desk operations and staff, now greets everyone who enters the office as a long time acquaintance while handling call scheduling, visits and consults with ease and the utmost grace. She is the Offensive Coordinator.

Gloria my personal assistant over the last 12 years makes it possible for me to practice knowing that everything is covered. She remains unfazed and up-beat and I have never seen her off her game. If I had a dollar for every time a patient remarked how wonderful Gloria was in handling all their issues, I probably would not be doing this blog! She is our Peyton Manning without the audibles.

Through the recommendation of one of my physician friends our new nurse Brianne has been an excellent addition. Although she has no previous plastic surgery experience, her enthusiasm, intelligence, willingness to work hard and attention to detail has allowed her to absorb the play book without too many rookie mistakes. She is our first round draft pick, and it appears that our scouting reports were accurate.

Of course, what would a team be without a beautiful new stadium to play and practice in every day? Thankfully, that end has been taken care of brilliantly by Amy DeLuca, our very talented interior designer. The colors, lights and fabrics of our office are really quite special and combine to create an experience unlike any other cosmetic practice I have ever visited.

So what are we playing for every day? I believe the force driving our team forward is a deeply held commitment to a common held goal – which is providing the best care and service possible to each and every patient we serve. Our Lombardi Trophy is knowing that every patient we care for leaves the office feeling that their every concern and need has or will be met in a gracious, warm and personal fashion without even so much as a hint of the assembly line approach so prevalent in medicine today.

A new season has only just begun. But already, I sense our goal is to become a dynasty.

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