Breast Augmentation

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Planning Your Breast Implant Procedure – The Consultation

Breast implant surgery planning begins with a discussion of your goals from the surgery and an analysis of what shape and position your breasts are currently. Based on measurements of your breast and your post-operative goals, your surgeon will recommend a range of implant sizes and profiles for you.

Using the scientifically-designed, Mentor breast implant sizing system, you will have the opportunity to “try on” different implants and get a feel for how they look and feel.

This process will help give you an accurate idea of what your results will look like once everything heals. DeLuca Plastic Surgery also utilizes 3-D computer simulations based on your breast photos and advance AI algorithms to simulate your breasts in their new size and shape.

This advanced imaging can help you to decide what implant is right for you – crafting a bespoke breast augmentation experience.

The Breast Enlargement Procedure

Breast enlargement is an outpatient procedure and lasts between one and two hours on average. After you are asleep, your surgeon will start the procedure by making a small incision on each breast – typically in the breast fold or at the border of the nipple. Dr. William DeLuca, Dr. David Tauber, and Dr. Alan Yan carefully place the incisions to minimize visible scarring. A pocket, or space, is developed for the implant – usually partially behind the muscle. The implant is inserted using a minimal-touch technique to avoid contamination and the pocket is adjusted to allow the implant to fit properly. The skin is closed with absorbable sutures and the breasts are supported in a post-operative bra.

After Your Breast Enlargement

Ensuring that you follow your surgeon’s instructions for post op care and activity restrictions is key if you would like to heal as quickly as possible. Your surgeon will give you a post-operative bra and possibly a superior strap that is used to support the implants within the breasts while they heal. Follow-up visits are scheduled after surgery to help ensure you are healing properly and that no complications develop. Although you will be able to go home right after surgery, avoid physical activity for a few weeks.

Get more details on the management of swelling and scars in blog post: Post-Operative Care After Plastic Surgery.

Breast Enlargement Cost

A lot of people want to know how much breast enlargement costs, and the answer is that it varies depending on your situation and desired outcome. Call or click today for a free consultation to get a quote unique to your needs. If you need help funding your procedure, you will be pleased to discover we have financing plans available.

Before and After Photos

You will see various photos of breast augmentation procedures. Feel free to browse through the images so that you may have a photographic idea of what to expect from your breast augmentation surgery.

Check out the full Breast Augmentation Gallery.

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