There is No “Right” or “Best” Age for a Facelift

Nice Face The facelift is experiencing a bit of a renaissance it would seem. I have patients of all ages ask about the surgery and whether or not they would be a “good” candidate for the procedure. It’s a good question.

Fifteen years ago, the average age of a patient was about 60 to 65 – today it’s closer to 45 to 50.

Why? Previously, patients were waiting until signs of aging had become extremely visible before opting to ‘turn back the clock’ 10 to 15 years (which is what a well done facelift can do). These days, patients are taking a more proactive approach in reducing the appearance of aging skin – and so are opting for less extensive lifts in their 40s and early 50s. That said, there’s absolutely no “right” or “best” time to undergo a facelift and if anything, having the procedure a little later on makes for an even more dramatic* result (because the face ages at a faster rate the older we get, so the difference between 30 years old and 40 is less than 40 and 50).

Medically known as a rhytidectomy, the procedure addresses the impact that aging, gravity, stress and sun exposure have on human skin. Of course, each of these factors affects different individuals in distinct ways. One only needs to sit among a group of friends to see that no two women (or men) of the same age look alike. This is due to genetics and personal care regimens.

There are a variety of types of facelifts procedures including: full, mini and refresh facelifts. A qualified plastic surgeon will tailor a procedure to the needs of their patient. Facelifts are often combined with other facial surgeries and treatments, like eyelid surgery and Botox, for optimal results.

It is important to keep in mind that the facelift is a surgical procedure. Thus, when it comes to age, the limiting factor may be medical and not aesthetic. Before undergoing a facelift, patients should receive medical clearance from their family physician or cardiologist to ensure you are healthy enough to undergo surgery. Ultimately, the big “if” factor is anesthesia and not the surgery itself. Thus, it is important to select a plastic surgeon that works with an experienced, board certified anesthesiologist and with whom you are comfortable.

As with any form of surgery, be sure to research your plastic surgeon or potential plastic surgeons ahead of time. Not only should you look for their qualifications and board certifications, but also check out the before and after photos on their website to preview their work. By looking at the quality of their work and the type of results that are able to provide, you should be able to get sense of which plastic surgeon is best for you and your end goals.

Ultimately, there is no best age for a facelift patient. Whether you’re 40 or 75, if you’re in good health but looking to improve your appearance, you may be a good candidate for a facelift. Whatever your age, the procedure can help you look better and feel more confident.


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