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A Guide to Combination Procedures

When exercising, putting on makeup, and even dressing up, we improve the aesthetic of multiple areas of the body. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to combine procedures to improve multiple problem areas without needing multiple surgeries? While you can’t pick your procedures a la carte, your surgeon can work with you to plan out combination procedures that fit your goals, health, and budget. 

What Kinds of Procedures Can You Combine?

The most common of the combination procedures is the Mommy Makeover. Aimed at restoring your body to its pre-pregnancy state, the classic mommy makeover combines a tummy tuck with breast surgery-namely a breast lift, contour, or augmentation. 

With that said, there is no “one-size-fits-all” mommy makeover. A modern mommy makeover can include anything from the aforementioned procedures to additional surgeries like liposuction and even vaginal rejuvenation. You and your surgeon can develop a comprehensive plan to target your specific problem areas.

In addition to classic and modern mommy makeover combination procedures, patients can combine procedures on the face and eyes, arms and legs, liposuction and buttocks, and other procedures involving fat transfer. Talk to your surgeon about what combinations would be suitable for your body and your goals. 

Not every procedure can be combined. Some combinations simply don’t make sense. Only your surgeon can determine which procedure combinations are possible. 

Are Combination Surgeries Safe?

In addition to saving time and money, combining cosmetic procedures can be safer than undergoing multiple procedures separately. Patients only have to undergo anesthesia one time. Additionally, combining multiple procedures into one decreases overall recovery time compared to separate procedures. 

Combining multiple procedures can also mean less time off work. Your surgeon will let you know what to expect with regards to recovery time. Importantly, times can range from a few days to a few weeks, depending on what procedures were performed.

Ultimately, your surgeon will advise on what procedure combinations are available to you based on your overall health. Due to a number of factors, not every procedure is advisable for every patient. 

Combination Procedures Can Mean Better Results

Arguably the biggest benefit to combination plastic surgery is the spectacular results. After a short recovery time, you’ll be able to dazzle your friends, family, co-workers, and even complete strangers with your new-and-improved look. Anyone can overlook a gradual change in your overall look, but no one will be able to stop themselves from commenting on the dramatic, sudden change in your appearance.

If you’re interested in dramatically altering your look, saving time and money, and wowing your friends and family, contact us today for a consultation. We can develop and implement a customized strategy to get you the look you want inside your time and budget specifications. Call us, read previous patient success stories, and schedule an in-person, phone-in, or instant email consultation today!

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