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Every plastic surgery patient has a special and important story to tell. I would love to hear from you about any or all of the following: the outcome of your surgery, the impact its had on your life, why you choose me as your surgeon and what you thought of my ‘bed side manner’. Each and every unique experience and testimonial is tremendously helpful to both myself and other perspective patients who are considering a procedure similar to your own. By posting your story to sites like Google Maps and, you make it possible for the greatest number of individuals to see it.

Dr. DeLuca


How to share your review on

  1. Click here to open the William F. DeLuca, MD review page on
  2. Fill out the review form then click on the “submit your review” button. will require you to create a free user account. Your information is private and your identity anonymous.

How to Share Your Review on Google

Unfortunately, you can no longer share a review on Google through our Google+ page. Please leave a review on our Google My Business listing in the search results.

  1. Enter a Google search for “DeLuca Plastic Surgery”
  2. Look for the Google My Business listing on the right hand of the screen
    • It is the big box (known as a knowledge graph entity) on the right with “DeLuca Plastic Surgery” across the top

  3. Click “Write a Review” – a box will appear prompting you to Rate and Review
  4. If you’re not already signed in to your Google account, sign in
    • Or, if you don’t have a Google account, you will be prompted to create one
    • It is free to create and only takes a minute or so
  5. Enter your star rating and describe your experience.
  6. Click Post


How to have your review posted on

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Privacy Policy

Dr. William F. DeLuca and the entire staff at DeLuca Plastic Surgery consider the private nature of your personal information very seriously. We respect your privacy and are legally bound from selling, renting or giving away any identifiable data regarding our clients to any third party. Ergo, all information that you share with us is held with the utmost care and security.


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