Forehead contouring

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The forehead is often regarded as the greatest determinant of facial gender.

The male and female foreheads appear different from each other in many aspects.

While the female forehead has a continuous curvature and minimal protruding of the “browbone”, the male forehead is more pronounced with a more prominent brow bone. The female hairline is shorter than the male by 1-2cm. The female hairline and eyebrow also take on a different shape than the male.

Depending on your aesthetic goals and needs, the forehead can be contoured by bone shaving, augmentation with implants, repositioning of the forehead bone, or a combination of the above.

Also, if one wishes to lift their eyebrows and/or lower their hairline, they can be done at the same time with forehead contouring surgery.

Pre-surgical Evaluation & Planning

With the advent of virtual surgery planning, forehead bone contouring surgery can be planned and executed more precisely. After the initial office visit where your surgical goals and expectations are discussed, a CT of your forehead (facial) bone is obtained. Using this digital image of your skull, virtual surgical planning will be performed on a computer simulation program. The expected final surgical outcome will be fine-tuned and visualized, and custom-made surgical cutting guides or implants can be made.

Surgery will be performed by making an incision along the natural hairline or in the scalp if the hairline is not advanced. The forehead bone is then exposed and contouring is done accordingly. If needed, hairline advancement and brow lift are performed afterward before the meticulous closure of the incision. The scar usually heals well and is barely perceptible.

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Recovery Time

Forehead contouring surgery usually takes several hours to complete. We recommend an overnight stay at one of our hospitals for certain individuals. Patients can return to non-contact activities after two weeks of limited activity. We will be available for post-operative appointments to ensure the best results.

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