What to Look for in a Plastic Surgeon in Albany, NY

Slides from a recent info-session/open-house on plastic surgery – by Dr. DeLuca

I’ve always enjoyed playing class professor for an hour or 2 during open-house style info-sessions/discussions that explore the ins and outs of a specific cosmetic procedure, new/innovative surgery technique or medical product. The diverse interests of a small (or smallish) group has a tendency to generate lively discussion on a wide range of topics due to all of the different questions which get asked. And with the almost overabundance of procedure options and cosmetic solutions available today, I think it’s more important than ever to help people interested in cosmetic surgery be as informed about their choices and options as possible.

It’s been several months since our last info session, but now that our new office is running like a well oiled machine, I think that if the demand is there, we could certainly make these open houses a more regular occurrence. In the meantime, our game plan is to put on another get-together in May. The topic will could be quite a bit different than the presentation embedded below. On the other hand, there are few questions more essential than the exploration of traits that distinguish good from great plastic surgeons so perhaps I’ll continue along with this topic.

The slideshow above does not include several sets of before & after photos from recent cases (which we discussed in greater detail during the presentation). For those interested in downloading (or sharing with a friend via email) just the first half of the deck without the before and after photos, click here.

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