Blepharoplasty with Fat Redraping – Solutions For Aging Eyes

Aging eyes are characterized by the development of wrinkles, fine lines, drooping skin, midface hollowing, and eyelid bags. These changes make patients look tired and angry. The bulging of the lower eyelids occurs as the tissue wall (orbital septum) that holds the fat in the orbit begins to weaken and stretch. Traditional blepharoplasty attempts to address this bulge by reducing the fat.

This approach to treating the aging eyes reduces the bulge, however, it can produce two unwanted effects. The first is an unmasking of midface hollowing that was masked by the fullness of the bulging lower eyelids. The second occurs as the face continues to age. Over time, the orbital fat begins to lose volume. This produces hollowing around the eyes. If the fat is reduced during a blepharoplasty, this hollowing is accelerated. This leaves the patient with a skeletal look that is difficult to correct.

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An alternative, novel blepharoplasty procedure replaces fat reduction with fat repositioning or fat redraping. During this procedure, the fat that is normally cut out is left intact. The septum is cut and the orbital fat is gently unfurled over the orbital rim and into the tear trough. Redraping the fat in this fashion decreases the risk of hollowing of the orbit and augments the soft tissue of the tear trough – lessening this deformity.


The procedure is carried out though an incision hidden on the inside of the eyelid requiring no sutures. The surgery can be combined with a skin excision in those patients that require it. Recovery is faster than a traditional blepharoplasty. Most patients have minimal bruising at 1 week and are back to social events by 2 weeks.

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Post-operative care after eyelid surgery helps patients achieve their optimal results. To encourage healing after eyelid surgery, we utilize a unique regimen of post-operative care including icing, head elevation, supplements to decrease bruising, and silicone gel scar management.

Blepharoplasty is a powerful procedure for rejuvenation of the eyes. It can be done alone or in concert with a face lift and may lead to comprehensive facial rejuvenation. Dr. David Tauber at DeLuca Plastic Surgery tailors all of these services to each individual patient.

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