Post-Operative Care After Plastic Surgery

Post-operative care surgery helps patients achieve their optimal results. Most surgical patients experience some bruising and swelling that usually peaks at 3 days from surgery. Using our unique combination of tumescent technique, limited undermining, and carefully attention to bleeding, however, the bruising and swelling for most patients is minimal.

Peri-Operative Care

To encourage healing after face, nose or eyelid surgery, we utilize a Thera Pearl Face Mask
unique regimen of post-operative care that begins with copious icing and head elevation. To make icing easier, we recommend the TheraPearl Reusable Hot & Cold Therapy Face or Eye Mask. Elevation of the head can be achieved by sleeping on a couple pillows, however, the Brentwood Home Zuma Therapeutic Foam Bed Wedge Pillow makes it easier and more comfortable to maintain the elevation in any sleeping position.

In addition to these therapies, we recommend most patients take an anti bruising supplement, such as Excipial Bruising Body Supplement by Galderma, starting before surgery and continuing for about a month after surgery.

Scar Management Strategies

ScarAway Scar Repair Gel for Post-Operative CareAt about 10 – 14 days after surgery, post-operative scar management strategies are begun. These include the use of sunscreen to keep the incisions from getting too pink, gentle massage of the incisions and operative area, to encourage blood flow and to keep the scars from getting too raised, and the use of a silicone based scar gel, such as ScarAway 100% Silicone Self Drying Scar Repair Gel, to help encourage optimal scar maturation. These strategies are continued for the full scar maturation period of 9 months to a year.

By following these post-operative care recommendations, patients of Dr. David Tauber at DeLuca Plastic Surgery often recover quickly, experience less bruising and swelling, and can return to work or social engagements in 2-3 weeks.

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