Deciding On Your Best Option: Mid Facelift vs. Mini Facelift

Facelift before and after photo- Deluca Plastic SurgeryThere are multiple types of facelifts; determining which procedure is right for you can be difficult. We want to help our patients make the right choices concerning their personal appearance, so we’re going to help you select a procedure that will benefit you the most. Specifically, let’s examine the differences between a Mid Facelift and a Mini Lift. These two techniques are somewhat similar, so distinguishing which one is for you will be dependent on factors unique to each individual.

Mid Facelift

Mid facelifts are focused on raising the soft tissues of the cheekbone area. The ideal patient for this technique is usually in their 40s and experiencing the early signs of aging. This middle area of the face flattens, becoming less full and “puffy.” The cheeks sag downwards, creating a hollow appearance underneath the eyelids. The nasolabial folds, commonly called “smile lines,” begin to fold over and droop. For patients without significant sagging of the jowls and neck skin, this procedure is used as an alternative to the traditional full facelift. Incisions are made along the hairline and inside the mouth, allowing us to vertically re-position the fatty cheek tissue. This restores the cheeks to a more risen and youthful look, significantly improving their roundness and appearance. Recovery is also relatively faster than a full procedure.

Mini Lift

Mini facelifts, like the mid lift, focus on the cheekbone area, and are viable alternatives to the traditional full facelift for individuals experiencing symptoms of early aging. Just like its name implies, it can be considered a temporary version of a traditional full lift procedure. The Mini Lift is primarily a much less invasive technique that avoids heavy dissection; incisions are made near the hairline around or behind the ear, where scars will be hidden in the natural folds of the skin. From there, an endoscope and sutures can be used to re-adjust the soft tissues underneath the skin. This procedure would be ideal for younger individuals looking for a way to offset the effects of early aging as they begin to take root.

Deciding For Yourself

Understanding the types of facelifts available will assist you tremendously in making your decision. Be sure to take these details into consideration first: the elasticity of your skin in the neck and jowls, the bagginess of the cheeks or skin under the eyes and the intended length of results you hope to achieve. If these symptoms aren’t severe and you’re still relatively young, a Mini lift might be right for you. Otherwise, a standard lift or mid lift may be appropriate. It’s important for your health and your appearance to understand the options available and which one suits you best.

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