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Facelift – Albany, NY

Turn back the clock 10 or more years without looking ‘overdone’, overly pulled or unnaturally tight.

“The goal of every facelift should be to turn back the appearance of your face 10-15 years while still maintaining a soft, supple and naturally looking appearance that’s still entirely you.”

“The key of course is to find a plastic surgeon with not only many years (and cases) of experience, but also before & after photos that you find appealing and/or beautiful.”

“So if a precise, natural looking yet long-lasting rejuvenation is what you’re after, then I would be happy to meet with you to discuss your interest in facelift surgery and answer any questions you have about the procedure.”

Sincerely – William F. DeLuca, MD FACS




Why Patients Choose Dr. DeLuca for Facelift Surgery

Dr. DeLuca’s facelift expertise is the result of over two decades spent mastering techniques made famous by several of Manhattan’s most renowned facial plastic surgeons, including Dr. Thomas Reese, who he studied under during his fellowship at Manhattan Eye, Ear & Throat Hospital (MEETH). Without an equivalent level of technical expertise, it becomes very difficult for a surgeon to consistently minimize scarring, reduce risk of complications or encourage a more prompt recovery.

The other important qualities Dr. DeLuca has which enable his albany facelift patients to confidently expect consistently excellent and natural looking results include:

  • 28 years of experience and nearly 1000 facial surgeries performed.
  • Expertise in not only traditional facelift surgery, but short-scar, SMAS and neck lift surgery as well.


I have been a patient of Dr. DeLuca for over 10 years. During that time he has performed a face lift and other cosmetic procedures that have made me feel wonderful about myself. He is a very caring, compassionate physician, and I felt comfortable with him the moment I entered his office. Dr. DeLuca is an excellent plastic surgeon who I would recommend to anyone.

Now as a Grandmother, when my little granddaughter fell on the ice and broke open her chin, who do you think I told my daughter to call – without hesitation – DR. DELUCA.

– Diana S. / Botox & Facelift – Albany, NY




Because of my positive liposuction and breast augmentation experience, my Mom contacted Dr. DeLuca for a facelift and brow lift too. She was 68 years old at the time and also felt very comfortable with his professionalism and expertise in both areas.

It has been 3 years for my Mom and she is also very pleased with the results. Dr. DeLuca’s work was very natural looking and gave my Mom a rested look. Her recovery time was approximately six weeks and she had minimal pain during recovery.

I would highly recommend Dr. DeLuca and feel confident with his expertise in all of the above areas I mentioned. He is a very compassionate and knowledgeable physician.

– Andrea C. / Facelift Surgery
Clifton Park, NY

Types of Facelifts: Mini Lift, SMAS Lift, Deep Plane & Short Scar

There are several different types of facelifts. What differentiates one techniques from another is:

  • Incision type
  • Number of tissue layers lifted/affected
  • Region of the face targeted for lifting
  • Degree of invasiveness


Facelift Surgery FAQ

Age, sun exposure, genetics and gravity, among a host of other factors, can contribute to the shape, appearance and texture of your face as you age. Common problems associated with facial aging include:

  • saggy skin and loose jowls
  • deep lines and coarse wrinkles
  • a tired, aged or weathered appearance

The amount of tactics and procedures designed to help with these problems are staggering, ranging from basic skin care potions and home facials to injectable treatments like BOTOX to chemical peels to plastic surgery procedures like blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty and facelift. Dr. DeLuca can perform this procedure, which is designed to restore the soft facial tissues to a tighter and more youthful appearance. It is not simply meant to remove wrinkles but also aims to restructure your facial features; the procedure moves and repositions tissue that has drooped down or settled into its original, youthful location.

The ultimate goal of a facelift with Dr. DeLuca is a restoration of the relationships between the different tissues of your face, absolutely not the “tight” look that can result from overzealous repositioning. During the procedure, Dr. DeLuca will gently shift the deeper connective tissue (often called the SMAS) that lies beneath the exterior dermis, thus re-suspending the soft areas of the jowls, cheeks, jaw and neckline.




After facelift example - a refreshed, rested and youthful looking face. - facelift albany ny

“SMAS” vs “Short Scar” Facelifts

Initially, inconspicuous incisions are made behind the patient’s ear, wrapping around to the lobe and then the crease behind the ear. A “short scar” or “limited incision” facelift is a popular choice, as many patients are well-suited for it and the scarring is minimal and limited to the earlobe area. While you may have heard the term “mini facelift,” this is not that procedure; rather, it is a powerful medical technique for those suffering from facial and neck skin laxity. No matter what technique is used, the SMAS deep tissues are treated by tightening (SMAS plication facelift), by minimal removal and tightening (SMASectomy with plication facelift), or by advancement of the deeper supportive tissues as a composite (deep plane facelift). All of your options will be explained to you so that you and Dr. DeLuca can decide which technique is perfect together. No matter which approach you take, the facial fat will be carefully sculpted to restore a more youthful appearance.




I am writing to thank you and your team for your assistance in making an extremely important decision in my life with regards to my recent surgery. Your clear and concise explanation of the processes, procedures, and overall expectations were paramount in my making my final decision.

Each stage and post operation visits, in my opinion, were excellent experiences. I was surprised to experience no pain from this surgical procedure and followed your post op directions without deviation.

The transformation and final outcome was more than I expected and I am thrilled with moving forward having made this decision in my life. I spent time away with my daughter who assisted me with the post operation directions which was of great help, and I did not see my grandchildren during this time frame. The largest compliment, other than my sincere thanks would be from my grandchild, who when he first saw me surprisingly stated, “Memes, your face is brand new again.”

In closing, I again thank you for such diligent work and exceeding my expectations. I would certainly do it all over again without question!

– Valerie M. / Facelift + Neck Lift
Warrensburg, New York

Recovery After Facelift

Following your facelift surgery, mild discomfort is usually all that one experiences. If a fat-transfer (autologous fat graft) or laser procedure is performed at the same time as your facelift surgery, the usual recovery period of two weeks may be slightly extended. Most stitches will be removed five days after the procedure, while stitches made at the hairline must stay put until ten days afterward. If no strenuous activity such as heavy lifting involved in your job, work may be resumed as early as 7 to 10 days afterward; however, Dr. DeLuca generally recommends to take fourteen days if possible to rest and recuperate. Non-strenuous activity (stationary bicycling, light treadmill exercise, ellipticals, etc) can be resumed seven to ten days after the procedure, and more intense exercise may be taken up again after three to four weeks.

For most facelift patients, it typically takes three months for all the tissue adjustments and changes made during surgery to ‘settle’ and reach their final look and feel.


The Importance of Post-Procedure Care

Because a superlative facelift result requires superlative post-procedure care, Dr. DeLuca will meet with you several times during the first weeks and months following your facelift procedure and will remain available to you 24/7 should you need him to address any questions that arise. As with all other cosmetic procedures performed by Dr. DeLuca, any and all follow up visits are 100% free of charge. He is also happy to answer any questions you may have by phone or email if you can’t make it into the office.


Before & After Facelift Photos

In addition to the before & after facelift photos that have been uploaded to our online photo gallery, Dr. DeLuca also has several binders of facelift cases that he will show and discuss with you during your consultation.

Before & After Facelift Photos - Facelift albany ny

Click to view before & after facelift photos


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I had been self-conscious about my double chin ever since I had my second child. Finally, in my sixties, I decided to do something about it. I had a modified facelift and upper & lower blepharoplasty. What a difference! I used to feel like the aging woman in the mirror wasn’t the real me. Now I actually enjoy putting makeup on again, even though I wear less. I get so many compliments like, “’Love your new haircut!” or “That color looks great on you.” The results are so natural that nobody suspects that I had work done, and I’m not about to tell!

Dr. DeLuca was very attentive at my initial consultation and I really felt like he cared about me as a person. I never felt rushed, and he answered all my questions. I asked about a brow lift, and he said I didn’t need one. His office staff is also personable and efficient. I always felt that I was in good hands.

Dr. DeLuca is not just an excellent surgeon; he is truly an artist. He not only lifted my sagging neck and chin line, but he also sculpted the contours of my cheeks to give me a more youthful appearance. I have no more bags under my eyes and no droopy eyelids. I am three months out from surgery, and although there is still just a little residual numbness, the look just keeps getting better. My scars are healing nicely, and are extremely well hidden. I couldn’t be happier.

– Joanne B. / Facelift + Blepharoplasty
Schenectady, NY


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