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Breast Augmentation – Albany, NY

When it comes to your breasts, never settle for a ‘one size fits all’ approach from your surgeon.

A first rate breast augmentation involves considerably more from a plastic surgeon than simply making an incision, creating a pocket within the breast, putting in a prosthesis and calling it a day. In short,

  • Because every breast is different, each and every augmentation must be custom tailored to the specific goals, build and breast type of the patient.
  • If correctly customizing each augmentation to the patient were easy, the nationwide revision-rate would be much lower than its current rate.
  • There are no shortcuts to becoming an expert at breast augmentation surgery. Only through practice & experience can a talented surgeon achieve consistently superlative results.


Why Women Choose Dr. DeLuca for Their Breast Augmentation

Dr. DeLuca has specialized in breast augmentation for over 28 years. This focus has lead to a level of technical expertise and case experience that very few others in the field of cosmetic surgery can equal. His breast augmentation patients choose him not only because of his reputation for consistently optimal results, but also because:

  • His training & experience = 28 years of cosmetic surgery training and over 1,500 breast augmentation and breast lift surgeries.
  • His is vast experience augmenting every type of breast and many just like theirs means there won’t be any surprises in terms of the shape, size and appearance of their breasts post-operation.
  • His technical expertise and artist’s eye for proportion, shape and form.
  • His post-operative complication and revision rate (less than 2% vs the national average of 13%-28%) and his commitment to 24/7 care both before and after their procedure.

I originally went to Dr. William DeLuca at a referral from a girlfriend after another Albany plastic surgeon did an unsatisfactory job of altering my breasts (too large & uneven). I was so pleased at Dr. DeLuca’s listening skills, honesty and patience with me that I chose to have the surgery again. This was almost 7 years ago and the results were excellent. Since then I have returned to Dr. DeLuca for a few other “cosmetic” procedures with incredible results. I would (and do) recommend Dr. DeLuca to other friends without hesitation.

– K. Lynn / Breast Augmentation – Albany, NY



Dear Dr. DeLuca, I just wanted to thank you for truly changing my life and making me feel more like a woman. This experience has been life changing in so many positive ways. After nursing my second child I was left with minimal breast tissue. This made me feel embarrassed, unattractive and not very womanly. The first time I called your office Gloria was extremely helpful in answering my questions. She promptly called me back to schedule my first initial appointment. After meeting with you Dr. DeLuca, your experience and confidence in meeting my expectations was my deciding factor in scheduling the procedure with you. Now, 2 months later, my incision scar is unbelievable, it’s barely noticeable! I could not have asked for a better outcome. Your advice and guidance truly helped me meet my goals of looking proportioned to my body shape and not overdone. This procedure has boosted my self esteem and confidence. Finally, those dreadful days of bathing suit shopping are over. For the first time I look and feel absolutely amazing.

– Kim M. / Breast Augmentation
Schenectady, NY


Is Breast Enlargement Surgery the Right Procedure For You?

Self-improvement is a natural desire. Breast augmentation isn’t just a step toward changing your look — it represents a transformation in how you feel about yourself, as well. Breast enhancement may be ideal if you would like to:

  • Enlarge your breasts to achieve a more aesthetically pleasing bust.
  • Balance asymmetrical breasts that differ in size or shape (i.e. breast asymmetry correction).
  • Reshape and/or re-enlarge breasts that have lost their shape, firmness, perkiness or volume due to pregnancy or weight change.
  • Combine with a tummy tuck or “mommy makeover” so that there is perfect consistency and harmony between both the breasts and body.


View Before & After Breast Implant Photos

In addition to the before & after breast implant photos that have been uploaded to the web site, Dr. DeLuca also has several large binders worth of recent cases that you will be able to look through and discuss during your consultation.

Before & After Breast Implant Photos

Click to view breast implant photo gallery


Breast Implants Photo - DeLuca Plastic Surgery

Dr. DeLuca’s keys to consistently beautiful breasts

A successful (beautiful looking) breast augmentation requires determining the correct implant size and profile among many, fashioning the optimal incision & pocket, and the precise positioning in order to achieve the most natural and pleasing post-operative appearance possible.

    • First, the implant must be precisely placed beneath the breast mound and the nipple/areola complex.
    • Second, there must exist a perfect balance between the nipple/areola and the inframammary crease.
    • Finally, Dr. DeLuca may have to decide whether a dual-plane approach is needed to provide superior fill and nipple/areola elevation (a well performed duel-plane has the ‘perking’ effect of a mini breast lift and is scarless).



    Growing up I always wished that I had bigger breasts. I have never been the kind of woman that wanted huge boobs. I just wanted to actually fill out more than an A cup.


    I am a mother of two children both of which I breast fed for the first half of each of their lives. As a result, the small breasts I did have were lifeless and heading south. Over the last few years I have worked really hard to get back the body I had before having my children. Once I was satisfied with the way the rest of my body looked, I knew I was finally at a place in my life where getting breasts was something that would make me feel the best I could possibly feel.

    I did a lot of research and chose to have a consultation with Dr. DeLuca because of the outstanding testimonials I read on his website, as well as his ranking on a website I was referred to in order to find the best possible doctor. After meeting Dr. DeLuca, I knew I wanted him to do my surgery. He was personable, caring, knowledgeable, and realistic. He helped me determine a breast size that fit not only my body but my lifestyle.

    It has been about two months since my surgery, and I absolutely love my new breasts. Since I had my surgery, my sister and my best friend also chose to have Dr. DeLuca perform their breast augmentation in Albany. I highly recommend Dr. DeLuca, and I could not be happier with my decision!

    By the way, the pain was minimal. If you have given birth, getting your breasts done is a walk in the park!

    – Jamie N. / Breast Augmentation
    Kingston, NY


    Planning Your Breast Implant Procedure – The Consultation

    During your first consultation, you will discuss your aesthetic goals and desires for the results of your breast augmentation Albany NY procedure. Every patient is unique, and not everyone’s ideals are the same. After carefully reviewing your medical history and discussing your particular needs and aspirations for the procedure, Dr. DeLuca will carefully examine your breasts and measure their shape, size, symmetry and proportion to the rest of your body.

    Dr. DeLuca offers all patients Mentor's Volume Sizing System for Breast Augmentation

    Click to learn more.

    After this appraisal of your situation, Dr. DeLuca will discuss the material, shape, size and insertion location of your new implants. There are many choices to be made, and Dr. DeLuca will thoroughly advise you on what options will be perfect for you. Both saline and silicone implants are available for your procedure, and each offers its own benefits and drawbacks. With vast experience working with both of these materials, Dr. DeLuca is an unparalleled resource in the process of figuring out which of these is right for you.



    I had been contemplating breast augmentation for years and just kept talking myself out of it. A friend of mine told me that her sister had been to see Dr. DeLuca and had an augmentation. She went on and on about how real they look & how they fit her perfectly. I had some money put away and decided to, at the very least, check the logistics of it out. I had a consultation along with my friend and we both decided to go for it. Everything about him sets you at ease. Nothing feels strange about the consultation. It’s very clinical and very informative. I let him decide where I should be with regard to breast size since he IS the expert. The surgery was a breeze and everyone who works with him is just amazing.

    The result: I finally feel like a woman now. I feel sexy and I enjoy clothing so much more. I honestly thought that I looked so boy-ish before. Dr. DeLuca fixed all of that and I can never express how grateful I am.

    My confidence and self body image is so improved. I went from an A-small-B to a D-cup immediately. It was amazing. I’ve put a little weight on, more to grow into my beautiful breasts than for any other reason. Now I have curves and am a perfect DD. I went to a little lingerie shop this summer to be properly fitted & buy some sexy bras. The women in the shop kept going on and on about what beautiful breasts I have.

    Thank you so much Dr. DeLuca. I’m sure I’ll be seeing you again when the fear of getting older hits me.

    – Alice B. / Breast Enlargement
    Saratoga Springs, NY


    The Breast Augmentation Procedure

    After speaking in depth about your decision, you and Dr. DeLuca will then discuss specific matters such as the location of your incision, as well as the shape, size and type of the implant itself and the location in which it will be placed. Most incisions are typically made beneath the breast’s areola (the divide of light and dark skin in the nipple area) or in the lower crease below the breast. Placing the incision below the chest, or pectoralis, muscle offers many benefits such as the most natural appearance and reduced scarring. For patients with special conditions such as asymmetry, drooping or atypically-shaped breasts, placing the implant under the breast glad or partially between the breast gland and pectoralis muscle may be a viable option as well. You will undergo this procedure at the state-of-the-art surgery facilities in St. Peter’s Hospital. General anesthesia is required, which is administered by a board-certified and accredited anesthesiologist. The procedure usually does not take very long, with an average duration of one and a half to three hours.

    After Your Breast Augmentation in Albany NY

    A licensed and registered nurse will provide immediate post-surgical care. When you are fully awake from the surgery, it is possible for you to go home under the care of a family member or friend. While it is possible to return to light (i.e. no heavy lifting) work as early as four or five days after the procedure, Dr. DeLuca generally recommends taking seven days for recovery if possible. The immediate post-surgical appearance of your breasts will be full and firm, while side effects such as swelling and bruising may appear for up to two weeks. You will be provided with a special supportive bra, which should be worn for the first three to five days and replaced with a sports bra after that.

    After about two weeks, it is possible to wear normal bras and bikini tops. Light exercise (e.g. treadmill, stationary bicycle) may be performed as early as five days after the procedure, while more physically demanding activity can be gotten back to around three weeks after (excluding chest exercise, which is resumed at six weeks). Your breasts will have “settled” and attained their final feel and appearance around 3-6 months after your breast augmentation in Albany NY.

    Breast Augmentation Cost and Post-Operative Care

    In order to achieve consistently excellent results, each and every patient is provided with the best post-operative care possible. For breast augmentation patients, this means 24/7 access to Dr. DeLuca by phone and/or email, individually tailored recovery programs and a series of post-op appointments with Dr. DeLuca at regularly scheduled intervals.

    Specifically, every augmentation patient is required to see Dr. DeLuca the day after surgery to ensure that everything looks exactly as it should. Patients then typically come in for a series of post-op checkups 7 days, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and one year after surgery (but are welcome to come in anytime, free of charge).

    Breast augmentation cost varies depending on the patient’s desired implant and aesthetic outcome. There is no charge for any post-op visits and Dr. DeLuca is happy to open his schedule for you following surgery. Dr. DeLuca offers financing and payment plan options through CareCredit.


    Request a Free Breast Augmentation Consultation or
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    I had wanted breast augmentation for several years. I searched the internet and studied photos of various plastic surgeons and spoke to many people about it. The pictures that looked the best and the name that people recommended was Dr. DeLuca.

    After meeting Dr. DeLuca for my consultation I knew he was the plastic surgeon for me. He made me feel very comfortable. He answered my questions and put me at ease with the procedure. Dr. DeLuca and his staff were very helpful and made the whole process very easy.

    I am extremely happy with my results. I am pleased to say that I have received many compliments on how good I look and how natural it looks. Suffice to say, I have recommended Dr. DeLuca to all my friends and co workers interested in plastic surgery.

    – Kim G. / Breast Augmentation
    Hudson Falls, NY


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