Breast Q&A: Undecided – Lift vs Implants for Deflated Breasts

Question – Undecided, Lift or Implants. Surgery in 3 Weeks, Opinions Please

Hello. I have my breast surgery scheduled in June, however, am still undecided which route I should take. Would 500cc saline implants be sufficent to give me some volume, or will I end up with large, saggy breasts? If I decided to go just for a lift, my boobs will be tiny and scared. Hence, I’d rather go for implants even if I will have to get a lift 10 years down the road. I don’t want both surgeries, so it will be either tiny or big. What to do? I’m 40, 1 child. Thank you.

Deflated breasts before surgery - lift & implant needed to obtain the best possible result

With deflated breasts, a lift + implant is needed for best result

Answer – For the best result possible, a vertical breast lift + submuscular, moderately sized implant is needed

In response to your question and based on your photos, this is not really a one or the other type of situation. You really need to have both a lift and an augmentation. If you do them separately you will probably not be satisfied with the eventual outcome. You have significant loss of volume, and if you were to only proceed with skin tightening all that would be accomplished is a higher position of the nipple areola complex. There would be no superior fill and an even smaller appearing breast mound.

The best indication for a vertical mastopexy alone is when the breast is of adequate volume particularly in the superior pole but there is also inferior fullness and droop. This is not present in your case. When you remove the excess skin the breast will appear even smaller, and you are not overly large to begin with. If you go with augmentation alone, as you noted, you will just be larger and droopy which would not be aesthetically pleasing.

Also in your case palpation of the prosthesis would be increased since a significant portion of the prosthesis would need to be placed in a subglandular position. Also a 500cc prosthesis is much too large in your situation. You would be much better off having a submuscular augmentation with a reasonably sized prosthesis to give you the superior fill you need, and a vertical mastopexy to reposition the nipple areola complex and take the lower portion of your breast off of your chest wall. Hope that helps and good luck with the surgery.

**Update: I thought it would be helpful to add a link to a patient who presented with deflated breasts similar to your own. As you can see from her before & after breast augmentation + lift photos, combining the two procedures yields a beautiful end result.