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Large breast reduction example photo - breast reduction albany ny

Breast Reduction – Albany, NY

A solution for women whose overly large breasts causes pain, discomfort or emotional stress.

Unlike breast augmentation surgery, which enlarges the breast, the breast reduction (or reduction mammaplasty) procedure removes excess skin, glandular tissue and fat to reduce the size and weight of the breast. The overall goal is to bring your breast size into proportion with your body, as well as to reduce the sometimes-significant discomfort that can be caused by this problem.

Breast reduction surgery is an ideal solution for the physical and emotional problems that can be caused by overly large breasts. Aside from the physical pain and discomfort they bring, overly large breasts’ weight can impair their ability to lead an active life. However, the self-consciousness and emotional discomfort can often be even more of an issue for women afflicted with this condition.


To anyone who is contemplating getting a breast reduction, do not be scared. From start to finish there is nothing to worry about. From the moment I entered the office and was greeted by Dr. DeLuca’s secretary Gloria, I was totally at ease. Dr. DeLuca has such a great bedside manner and I felt completely comfortable talking to him. He gave me great advice on how much breast tissue I should have removed to fit my body proportions. It has been several years now and my only regret is not getting this surgery sooner. It has truly changed my life in many different ways. Dr. DeLuca is the best plastic surgeon in the area in my opinion. I have referred many of my friends and business associates to him and they all have been very happy with their results.

– Cyndy S. / Breast Reduction
Saratoga Springs, NY




Is a breast reduction the right option for me?

Breast reduction surgery is a highly individualized procedure and you should do it for yourself, not to fulfill someone else’s desires or to try to fit any sort of ideal image. Breast reduction is potentially a very beneficial procedure for any women regardless of age who has large heavy breasts. Although it is plastic surgery it is not considered a cosmetic procedure because of the potential lifestyle benefits that can be gained by reducing the weight and size of the breasts. In some cases, when size and discomfort is less of an issue than drooping or fullness, breast lift surgery may be the more ideal solution. A consultation with Dr. DeLuca is, of course, needed to determine the appropriateness of either.

In most cases, breast reduction isn’t performed until the breasts are fully developed – which is typically beyond 18 years of age; however, it can be done earlier if large breasts are causing serious physical discomfort. The best reduction candidates are those who are mature enough to fully understand the procedure and have realistic expectations about the results.


Breast reduction surgery is a good option for you if:

  • You are a physically healthy & current non-smoker
  • Your breasts’ size and weight have bothered you for an extended duration of time
  • Physical activity is limited due to your breasts
  • You have neck, shoulder or back pain due to your breasts
  • Your bra straps dig into your back, shoulders and ribs
  • You experience irritation and pain along the breast crease
  • The skin of your breasts is stretched, making them hang low
  • Your nipples droop below the breast crease when unsupported
  • The stretched skin has increased your areola size


Before & After Breast Reduction Photos

In addition to the before & after breast reduction photos that have been uploaded to the web site, Dr. DeLuca also has several large binders worth of recent cases that you will be able to look through and discuss during your consultation.

Before & After Breast Reduction Photos - breast reduction albany ny

Click to view breast reduction before & after photos

I met Dr. DeLuca back in 2003, when a family member needed a breast reduction. He was highly recommended by a co-worker and the family member was very happy with the results. I thought about having a breast reduction this year when I saw my pictures from a vacation and was not happy with what I saw. Then I ran into an old friend who always had a larger chest than me she looked wonderful! I said to her you look great and she told me about her breast reduction surgery. At this point I was not happy with my body and more thought had me ask myself why am I dealing with back pain, bra straps dig in into my shoulder, my clothing not fitting me correctly, and always being self conscious of my breast size.

I did not hesitate; I called Dr. DeLuca and made my appointment. He explained everything about the surgery and confirmed that I was a candidate for breast reduction surgery.

After my surgery I noticed immediately relief of my back pain and my shoulders did not hurt me. I have more confidence in myself and feel 10 years younger now. Shopping is a pleasure – I can put on a blouse without worry if the blouse will pop open! I can wear anything now from a suit to a bathing suit & be comfortable about myself.

Dr. DeLuca did a wonderful job with my large and saggy breasts, now I have a perfect breast size and shape. I would recommend Dr. DeLuca to anyone who needs a surgery. Dr. DeLuca makes you feel very comfortable to talk to, and he answers all your questions, shows you picture so you are clear on how you may look. I just recommended Dr. DeLuca to one of my friends about two months ago and she had the surgery too… She looks and feels great! Thank You Dr. DeLuca.

– Heather W. / Breast Reduction
Albany, New York



Breast Reduction Incision Options

Your breast reduction procedure begins with a series of incisions, through which glandular tissue and fat may be removed. You have a variety of choices as to where you would like your incision placed for your breast reduction. Albany NY plastic surgeon Dr. DeLuca will go over each of these during your consultation.

Excess breast fat, in some cases, may be removed via liposuction in conjunction with the above-describe excision technique. If excess skin is not present and the unwanted enlargement is mostly due to fatty tissue, liposuction alone may be an option.

The ideal technique for your breast reduction depends largely on how much skin needs to be removed. A keyhole incision (which results in a lollipop-shaped scar in the middle of each breast) may be a good choice if your breasts hang low and a lot of skin is present. If the breasts are relatively high-sitting, a circular incision (which results in a round, donut-shaped scar around the areola) can be just as effective. The procedure itself requires general anesthesia administered by a qualified anesthesiologist, and recovery time is generally around two weeks. In many cases, scarring is minimal and fades to invisibility within one year.


Will my insurance cover breast reduction surgery?

This is one of the most important issues facing women who are considering breast reduction surgery at our Albany, NY practice. Insurance plans vary considerably from patient to patient. However, there are two general conditions that must be met in order for breast reduction surgery to be covered by insurance. The 1st condition requires that a “medical need” must be met. A medical need could include aliments such as back pain, neck pain, headaches, pain from bra indentations in the shoulders, and rashes. The 2nd condition is that the tissue to be removed must meet certain weight requirements.

During your breast reduction surgery consultation, Dr. DeLuca will discuss the medical problems that you are experiencing as a result of large breasts. Dr. DeLuca will then outline this information in a letter to your insurance provider. This letter will also include a photo of your breasts (without showing your face) and an estimate of how much weight can be removed during surgery. If the amount meets the weight requirements of your insurance carrier, your insurer will likely cover your breast reduction surgery.


breast reduction albany ny

A circular incision - produces a 'donut scar'.

breast reduction albany ny

A keyhole incision - produces a 'lollipop scar'.

breast reduction albany ny

An inverted-t (anchor) incision.


The Importance of Post-Operative Care

Your relationship with Dr. DeLuca does not end after breast reduction surgery. Dr. DeLuca will be available to you 24/7 during the entire duration of your recovery. He will see you often through the first weeks and months following your procedure. If, at any time, you wish to meet with Dr. DeLuca, he will open up his schedule to see you. Post-operative appointments at DeLuca Plastic Surgery are at no cost to you.


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I have always had large breast; my gynecologist has hinted for several years to me regarding a breast reduction; until the suggestion I never gave it a thought. Over the last three years the thought of a breast reduction has always been in the back of my mind. When I look at myself in pictures/mirror I see large and hanging breasts with large indentations in my shoulders and back pain. A friend recently underwent a breast reduction and when I saw her was amazed at how great she looked.

I have never had surgery but knew I was unhappy with my size DD breasts; I decided to make an appointment with Dr. DeLuca just to discuss the process and procedure (keeping in the back of my mind that I’m just talking to the Doctor no decisions have to be made).

I was a little nervous on appointment day; will I be able to do this, have surgery? When I met Dr. DeLuca he made me very comfortable, he showed me pictures of other women’s breasts before and after their surgery – my breasts looked just as large and saggy as these women’s but the after pictures were amazing. Dr. DeLuca explained what the procedures would be; however, I was still nervous but decided to go for it.

On surgery day I was not nervous because I knew this is what I wanted. The surgery went great; I didn’t need the pain medication… Tylenol worked for me. I had surgery on Tuesday and went back to work on the following Monday.

I feel great, no back pain and the indentations in my shoulders are starting to fade. I have never worn a shirt with buttons – they always gape in the front – now I own button up shirts. I enjoy shopping for clothes. I can buy pretty colored bras; I now own a sports bra – they never fit – always looked like I had one big boob. The most amazing thing is I don’t have to wear a bra if I don’t want to – they look great.

I would recommend anyone to Dr. DeLuca, he did a wonderful job, and made me feel comfortable, and I liked him immediately. Dr. DeLuca answered all my questions I had written down in a list – he literally sat down and answered each and every one. I am very happy with my new size and wish I had this done sooner. I feel great and look great thanks to Dr. DeLuca.

T.B / Breast Reduction
Albany, New York – October 3, 2010


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